Welcome to Avant Trading 

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Digital technology is causing a stir in old industries and creating new ones. This brings many possibilities, but also challenges. Are you ready?

Our customers

Because we are experienced, reliable and our 100% focus is on the best results, we have already had the opportunity to work with many fantastic customers. 

Our network

We have a big network with suppliers through the whole of Europe, from The Netherlands till Hungary and from Poland to Spain.

Our motivation

Our work is our passion, our greatest motivation. It's the reason we do what we do every day. Our work challenges us to get better and achieve more with each new project.

Our values

Why you can count on us? Because our company is much more than just a business. Each team member adds something special to our team, but we share our values. 


Our goal is to get to know you and your company. This allows us to determine what works and discover new growth opportunities. How do we do that? Using our industry knowledge, razor-sharp focus and innovative support capabilities. 


We are a wholesaler mostly B2B, but we also like to sell to private individuals. Everybody is welcome.

Through our own import we hope to be able to sell you nice items that you will not come across everywhere. And this for very affordable prices.

Our range changes from week to week. It is possible that only a few of a certain item are in stock. So be quick!

Avant Trading BV has years of experience in sourcing stable and quality suppliers all over the world for both existing and new products. We have the right channels to source products so you can save costs and time.

Working with us therefore means that you avoid all the pitfalls of doing business in Poland, for example. We can take over the entire purchasing and logistics process. Something that is very important if you want to do business successfully in other parts of the world.